All I want is some tea

3021416-poster-p-1-how-a-cup-of-tea-makes-you-happier-healthier-and-more-productiveShe wound up the last of her household chores and rested her aching feet on the chair. The chair creaked loudly, as though in protest. Having bathed and put three noisy kids to bed, cooked, and polished the kitchen sink until it shone, she looked forward to spending some quality time on her own.

The radio was on, playing an old favourite and she hummed as she shut her eyes and imagined herself far away from here. Away from her humdrum life of endless picking up after the children, obsessing over their homework and cooking for her husband.

The day’s work done, she looked forward to a steaming cup of tea. Suddenly energised, she got to her feet, heated water, poured some milk and pried open the tea jar. The jar was empty. No tea bags, no tea.

What a disappointment!!!

She rushed over to the neighbours house to borrow some tea bags. Unfortunately, they had none. They were happy to lend her some coffee powder. Filter coffee from Coorg, straight from the legendary coffee plantations. Or so, they claimed. But she declined. All she wanted was her precious tea.

Key in the ignition, one turn, and her car fired up as if ready for flight. She was on her way to the supermarket. She marched urgently through the aisles, scanning the shelves for signs of the elusive tea bags. But couldn’t find any. This is strange, she thought. She beckoned a uniformed attendant, and asked him where the tea bags were.

He explained that earlier that day, some pesky rodents attacked an area of the supermarket, causing them to dispose off all the tea bags. He assured her that the stock would be replenished the following day. In the meanwhile, he was happy to help her pick out some apple juice, coffee, Red Bull or any other liquid comfort of her choice.

Truly vexed, she shrugged off his suggestions, turned on her heel and left.

Her story ends here. But, it may remind you of an event in your own life, when you’ve wanted one particular thing so much, but simply couldn’t get it. You were offered much else to substitute for that one thing, but it just wasn’t the same. Even if you did manage to settle for a replacement, you still felt the emptiness of not getting what you wanted.

I’ve had similar experiences, when I’ve tried to look for happiness in the wrong places. In my work, in material things, in other people. I was often left disappointed and stricken with a sense of emptiness, which only God has since filled.

Secondly, it also brings to mind our tunnel vision. We are so engrossed in seeking a certain thing, that we develop a one-track mind and refuse to consider other possibilities, even though they may be better for us and make us happier.

Thirdly, if you consider this situation carefully, you will also realise the extent of communication gaps between people. We may want only that one thing so badly. Yet people don’t seem to understand. They offer us everything, except the one thing that we are asking for. Most often, they don’t realise what the big deal is. Mainly, because they tend to view things from the lens of their own perspectives, preferences and choices.

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to settle for something we don’t want. We end up waiting a long time, often a lifetime, for what we do want. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. That’s the way life rolls.

Frequently, what we want may be very simple and something that is fairly accessible for other people. But it seems so difficult for us to acquire it, when we want it, on our timeline. At such times, I guess we’d do well to remember that God has it all under control and will make it happen in His time, if it is His will.

And if by any chance, life gives you lemons, when you’ve asked for tea, squeeze until you make the best lemonade ever. And make that your cup of tea!


40 thoughts on “All I want is some tea

  1. Another well-written post. If the object of this blog is to get readers to think, and ponder the direction of their lives you’ve succeeded. I write humor, and have never been called a deep thinker, but I enjoy posts like this. Maybe the woman wasn’t meant to drink tea that day. Who knows, maybe it was bad, and would make her sick. It reminds me of something I once heard. I can’t take credit for it. “The beauty and joy of life, is that God has a plan for each of us. The mystery and wonder of life is that he hasn’t told us the plan.” Have a nice day, and take care.

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    1. Thanks Patrick. You are always very encouraging. I love your comment about God’s plans. It’s hard but I have to keep reminding myself about this. I love to read your humour and look forward to seeing your posts in my Reader.


  2. Can I share a prayer I read a year or so ago from a collection that was always in our house that my Mum bequeathed me when she died in 2011. It supplements this lovely post quite well…

    TESTING TIMES – A prayer by Chun-Ming Kao, written from prison

    I asked the Lord
    for a bunch of fresh flowers
    but instead he gave me an ugly cactus
    with many thorns.

    I asked the Lord
    for some beautiful butterflies
    but instead he gave me
    many ugly and dreadful worms.

    I was threatened.
    I was disappointed.
    I mourned.

    But after many days
    I saw the cactus bloom
    with many beautiful flowers
    and those worms became
    beautiful butterflies
    flying in the spring wind.

    God’s way is the best way.


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    1. Thank you Kelvin for sharing this prayer. You probably have no idea about this, but I believe this prayer came through you to me from God. I needed to see this today cause it has a special significance for me (but I can’t really disclose it here). Thank you once again. God bless your mother and may she rest in peace!

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  3. My horse! My horse! My kingdom for a horse! OMG, I grasp and agree with the overall message, but the story…the lady looking for a simple bag of tea…could have been the start of a great Stephen King Novel…who knows how much trouble she would have run into or caused by her now obsessive search for bag of tea!! Wow.

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  4. This one really resonated with me. Definitely made me take a step back and think – it goes a long way beyond tea. Great work yet again, Karen x

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  5. Dear Karen, I smiled to myself and with knowingly nods, hmmm, and I think we’re all familiar with the “wanting and craving” situation, and loved your summary and thoughts, and the connections you made with our own actions and our walk through life….

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    1. Thank you Ivor. I want and crave so many things, it’s not even funny anymore. Most things have turned out to be out of my control. But I’m still hanging in there and hoping for the best. Let’s see what life has round the corner. In the meanwhile, I’m cheering myself with cups of tea πŸ™‚


  6. We were just reading this post and were so touched by it. We so agree with what you note “which only God has since filled”. We have come to this conclusion in our walk with Him too. Must be you heard what we have been talking about here in our living room, lol. Great post.

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  7. This is a beautiful write up…and my take away would be two:
    1. Is that Tea a really a need or just want. If a need I can relate to all the pain, communication gap and if just want why bother…just enjoy the moment with self if the tea box is empty.
    2. Second look at is as a situational thing reason it’s not everyday norms – a) Assess the situation b) Is it complex or simple c) What would be the outcome.

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    1. Oh thank you. Loved your takeaways. I guess tea is a want. I guess the ideal think to do would be to enjoy the moment, when we can’t have our ‘wants’ met. It’s just that it’s so hard to do sometimes πŸ™‚ Simple things that we find hard to do. I really appreciate you dropping by and reading. Thanks and God Bless!

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  8. Karen, I love this! My gosh, when she couldn’t find her tea bags my stomach truly clenched for her!
    And you tied it in perfectly with our perceptions of wants,needs, perspectives and other people’s involvement in all of that . Fab

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  9. Beautifully written Karen! Yes there are some things that other people can readily get and achieve but so impossible for us to have no matter how much we want them. But then we have things too that other people can only dream of. It is a constant reminder and prayer to myself too to have a contended heart. Truly, God knows what’s best for us.

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  10. Liked your tea story as a metaphor for not getting want you want. It can seem like the end of the world at the time but sometimes it is better to let things go and move on. Our household has actually run out of green tea and the supermarket no longer keeps the type we like. I guess we will just have to find another brand somewhere else.

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