Fine Moments


Sundays are supposed to be lazy. For the longest time I’ve always associated Sundays with good things. Choral singing at the church. Coming home to a lazy brunch. Puttering around in the kitchen, while sighing over a cup of rich coffee.

The rest of the week and all its bustle is soon a blur. Today, was a fine day. It was a family lunch at our favourite seafood joint, with parents, uncles, siblings and their kids in tow. We caught up, laughed and gossiped over a fine meal of rice, prawn curry, fish fingers and french fries. The men knocked back a couple of large ones, while the women kicked back with virgin mojitos and drinks with little umbrellas that made me dream of exotic destinations.

All in all, a gentle happy Sunday afternoon. It made me think of other happier moments. Everyday happy moments. Not just with plenty of people around me, but quieter times. Alone time with me typing away on the laptop. Or curled up with a mystery novel. Jogging on the beach. Reading the Bible. Playing with my little niece. All those fine moments that do not have a price tag. Moments that bring peace, without you even realising it.

My concept of fun has changed over the last decade. Mad weekend partying has given way to silent nights spent in sound sleep. I had a crazy number of friends in college. That number has now dwindled to those I can count on my fingertips. I guess I’ve traded quantity for quality. Or maybe I’m just getting older and can no longer keep up.

I have a Facebook account, but rarely check it. The people I want to stay in touch with call me or text me on my phone. Moreover, I’ve never been a fan of posting random pictures of myself. I’m not comfortable posting pouty selfies against picturesque backdrops or sharing images of myself eating a meal or exercising or doing any of the things that people take pictures of and share. I guess that makes me boring in a way. But I’m okay with it (another thing that’s changed).

These days all I want to do is read, eat, write, exercise, sleep and pray. Not necessarily in that order. These are the moments I cherish most. I’ve gradually come to the realisation that the finest moments are the ones you don’t talk about, the ones you prefer not to share. You want to hold them close to yourself as long as possible. Because once you share, they somehow don’t belong only to you any longer.

Some moments are to be cherished. And the finest ones are like a prayer. To be embraced when life is anything but fine. It brings to mind a quote by Erlend Loe, “I don’t want all that much. But I want to be fine. I want to live a simple life, with many good moments and a lot of fun.”

Have a blessed week ahead !


37 thoughts on “Fine Moments

  1. Loved your Sunday article, but alas, it’s 7.00am here down-under. And I agree, as we slow down somewhat our crazy minds seem to simplify ours lives, and become more of a sponge, rather than a madly spinning washing machine

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